Sunday, 6 September 2015

Who? What and Why?


I'm Miguel Perez.

I'm a Venezuelan EFL teacher, proud graduate from Universidad de Carabobo, with a passionate interest for learning technologies and teaching English to people all ages. I run a language school and I am part of the Media Team at VenTESOL. I do a bit of teacher training at MFL Academy in San Felipe, Yaracuy. I also enjoy sharing what I know at teacher training conventions around Venezuela, and rarely abroad ($$$).

I'm a proud introvert, which tends to be completely the opposite when teaching. I enjoy having a cuppa coffee or tea with milk. Coffee is definitely part of my daily routine. Oh and sweets, I can't live without sweets. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, though. I spend my days listening to music and watching videos and movies. I enjoy a bit of jazz, blues, R&B, indie rock, and a bit of pop (it can't hurt nobody, can it?).

What and Why?
Well, this is me, a techie typing about what I am into in terms of teaching. My posts are going to be very practical, straight to the point and easy to digest. I will be posting about technology in ELT for all ages, warmers, fillers, ice-breakers and gamification. That's it!

Ta ta for now!